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B+W XP-S PRO 010 UV MRC 77mm


Product Code77M315

All XS-Pro filters employ a newly developed mounting ring that is especially suited for SLRs with wide angle and zoom lenses. The extremely thin design prevents the mounting ring from vignetting in even the widest shots.
At 3mm thick it has a front thread for additional accessories such as lens caps or hoods. You can use "center-pinch" or "snap-on" caps with these filters.
All XS-PRO Digital mounts are made of Brass to prevent binding and are matte black to prevent reflections.

  • Filter mount is SLIM type called XS-PRO, which means slim mount with front thread. Material of XS-PRO mount is made of brass.
  • Coating is the new generation of B+W Digital MRC. It is more suitable for the latest CCD/CMOS technology.
  • Optical glass is thinner, which is 1.2mm from Schott. So more light can go through and less reflection it will be
  • Made in Germany